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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie poster will hopefully make sure to attract viewers for Journey 2


Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island movie poster has made sure to capture the best of the action, adventure and thriller in this forthcoming motion picture. So impressed by that many among viewers will find themselves drawn to theaters eager to se this motion picture for themselves.

The look offered through newly released Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie poster is such a promising one which means this will offer a simply enjoyable and entertaining kind of a motion picture. As the story of this motion picture goes on it will take viewers to the point where matters had ended in the first movie. This time the action and adventure will take place in an island which has some secret hidden. A fine motion picture this will be to delight of viewers.

As for the director of this motion picture it happens to be Brad Peyton and with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island movie poster viewers who enjoyed the first movie of this series get the idea this new one is going to be a n entertaining offering one. The cast of the motion picture will include Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine and Josh Hutcherson among many others. A not to be missed flick this is bound to be.

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